👋 Hello from Ms S 😃

A note to parents: we have to ensure our pupils are safe as part of our duty of care and child protection. This is increasingly difficult during this time, so we have decided to to a daily register on Google classroom. Once you have read the daily lessons, please comment with your child’s name. If we don’t see or hear that pupils have been active we will call to make sure you’re safe. This is a child safety precaution. Thank you for understanding. 🙂

How to Access your Google Classroom

Hello again! This post is about how to access your google classroom to find all the latest tasks from Ms Sunde and myself. All of the classwork will be posted on there from now on, but we’ll still keep you updated through the blog with any big news.

Step 1: Open google chrome on your computer. Click on this button and it will give you the option to log on to your account.

Step 2: Type in your usename and password. Your username will be your “firstname.surname@grantowngrammar.org.uk”. All passwords will be set to “Password” or “Password1” if this is your first time logging into your account.

Step 3: Click on the google apps icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on Classroom.

Step 4: You will have been invited to join Deshar Primary 1-3 Classroom. Accept this invite (if it asks you to) and you will be able to access our google classroom. On here, you’ll find daily tasks and activities to do from Ms Sangster and Mrs Sunde.

Good Morning Everyone!

This is a big hello from Ms Sangster to you all! I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their weekend.

This is all very strange and a new way of teaching so there may be a few hiccups along the way but we’re off to a lovely start with some fun activities for you to do at home from Ms Sunde.

From tomorrow we’re hoping to have everyone set up with google accounts and access to the google classroom. Instructions on how to access these will be posted as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy these activities with your families.

Emotional Emergency

Coming to the end of the longest term of the year can be challenging. Everyone gets tired and emotions can get on top of us. Today, the whole school has been thinking about the emotional cycle and how thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relationships are linked together, how we can find these spirals and how we have the power to break them with a “Bang!” at any point. We just have to practise. Ask us about why emotional health is important and why it’s important to be aware of this cycle. We can even teach you how to use it too.

We are so proud of how hard everyone worked on this task. The honesty it took was challenging but the way the pupils communicated was inspiring. Below are some nameless examples from the P1-3 class. ♥️

(If anyone would like a copy of these worksheets for home, let Ms Sangster know.)

📗📙World Book Day📘📒

The pupils at Deshar had an amazing world book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite storybook characters and read and write stories together!

Mr M reading his favourite poem about a very naught boy who was eaten by a lion when he didn’t listen to his teacher! 😉 Very funny, especially when Mr M does the voices.
The P1-3 and P4-7 classes shared their favourite books with each other!
Then we worked together to plan and write up brilliant stories!
We love books! ♥️📘
… they’re always super fun! Just like us! 🤣

Music and Drama at Deshar

This term has been so exciting! Not only did we have some very musical guests from Feis Spe telling us all about their musical instruments, but we had Artie from the singing kettle come for a visit. We also had Ms C come to teach us some dancing moves! Such fun!

The boys and girls have enjoyed all of these surprises and are looking forward to showing our families our own performing talents on Friday the 13th 😉

We got to hear some amazing music. Some very talented guests!
Dressing up and singing with Artie
Lots of fun and mischief happening!
Mrs S remembers this so well from when she was small! Happy memories!
The boys and girls are exhausted after doing so much dancing with Ms C

The ICT Initiative

The pupils of the P1-3 class were excited last week to be joined by the P1-4s for a special one to one ICT lesson. The older boys and girls were wonderful and helped out class to work the Chromebooks to do some research into nocturnal animals. We hope to continue these lessons soon with our new buddies!

Happy New Year!

What a lovely start to the new year this week has been! The boys and girls in P1-3 have all moved seats and we’ve started a brand new topic: Night and Day. We’ve already started thinking about it and done some wonderful art work to go on our wall. What do you think of our beautiful sunsets and silhouettes?

Our new seats for the start of a new year!
Such beautiful sunsets.

⚔️Viking Attack!🛡️

Deshar Primary has been raided by Vikings! It looks like they’d been planning it for a while!

Not long after the P4-7 class had begun celebrating the success of last night’s Christmas show, the P1-3 Vikings charged! They’d drawn their battle plans, they knew their targets, they’d trained for combat; all that was left was to take the school!

These Vikings knew all about the art of war and what weapons they needed for a successful raid.
These Vikings were ready to teach about how such sneaky raiders travelled.
These Vikings knew that going into battle was a serious business. Best pray to the gods first! With the luck of the gods on their side, they’ll no doubt bring back lots more followers for them.
Can’t go anywhere without our togs on! These Vikings knew all about how to make and dye their clothes, and were ready to teach the new slaves so they could set them to work!

After surprising the unwitting other class, they captured slaves and stole treasure to take back to their homeland. Then, the benevolent Jarl invited those who remained to become part of their society. They were taken by the Vikings and taught how Vikings lived: how they travelled, worshiped, wrote, fought, and what they wore. There was lots of amazing learning and peace was achieved. Both the conquered and the conquerors celebrated together, sharing the spoils of a successful raid.

(My apologies for the poor editing! First time!)

A big thank you to the P4-7 class and Mr M for letting us pillage their party and also to Miss Taylor and Ms Agnew for making sure the Viking conquest of Deshar didn’t really end in anyone visiting Valhalla! 😆

Well done, P1-3s! Now all we have to do is hope they don’t retaliate… 🤔